Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) 2019/20

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EMAS offers a service responding to diverse and changing demands of the BME/EAL pupils in primary and secondary school and across all PVI and nurseries in Brighton and Hove

Outline of provision

EMAS offers a flexible and tailored service which is able to respond to the diverse and changing demands of the BME/EAL population in the city.

Who can purchase

Every primary maintained school in the city has access to the EMAS 'core' service and the choice of purchasing further packages to support EAL/BME pupils 'close the gap' in achievement. EMAS reports on BME and EAL data yearly and will lead schools in 'closing the gap' for these pupils. Secondary schools can purchase from the 'Secondary School menu of options' 

Home School liaison officers are within the core offer for Primary Schools. Home school liaison is available in the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, Farsi, Hungarian, Mandarin, Oromiffa, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish

What is the cost structure?

Primary schools de-delegate funding from the DSG via a formula for BME/EAL. This provides the EMAS core package that all primary maintained schools can gain access to.  The Early Years service is DSG funded and currently free at the point of use to all PVI and nursery settings. Additional services can be negotiated.

Academies and non-maintained school charges:


  • Bilingual Assistant charges: £27per hour
  • Home school Liaison: £30per hour
  • Teacher charge: from £88 per hour


Additional services

Primary schools can opt to purchase two additional services from EMAS:

The primary “New to English and strategic development package” is chargeable.  The charge is in bands according to a government formula worked out from school percentages of EAL pupils. Bands are in the school information packs.  Band charges start from £1167 for 100 bilingual hours.  This package includes a teacher assessment of newly arrived pupils and provision of bilingual assistant support when available and appropriate. Schools are updated termly about how hours have been used. There is an opportunity to purchase additional hours during the year. languages bilingual support is available in: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Czech, Dari, Farsi, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Oromiffa, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Thai and Turkish.

The EMAS specialist teaching support is chargeable.  The school purchases a specialist EAL teacher for a set number of hours a week across a year. Packages can be bought in 2, 3 and 5 hour slots and costs start from £3796 for 2 hours a week, £5695 for 3 hours a week and £9491 for 5 hours a week.  This teacher can:


  • Devise EMAS EAL/BME action plan with a senior member of school staff
  • Have regular liaison with the school EAL/BME coordinator to plan for intervention and building capacity across the school
  • Build relationships with the school community and support EAL/BME engagement at the school
  • Have termly drop in sessions for class teachers to discuss EAL pupils and strategies to support learning progress
  • Support EAL pupils in small groups according to school plan and focus. This could include newly arrived pupils, plateauing pupils, booster maths etc.
  • Share specialist EAL assessments and progress of pupils they support as part of a Pupil Support Plan updated termly for each pupil supported
  • Support teaching staff unpick any EAL or SEND confusion when assessing a child
  • Liaise with professionals, eg speech language therapist, EP; when there are additional concerns about an EAL child’s learning and progress support actions included in EMAS action plan
  • Demonstrate best practice for EAL pupils and share resources and ideas with class teachers
  • Run a staff meeting or INSET meeting targets from the school EMAS action plan  

Additional BLA and teacher support can be bought from £16 and £49 per hour respectively for schools already purchasing the core package through the de-delegation.

Secondary schools can purchase from the 'Secondary School menu of options' attached.




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